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Press Statement re: Sun Article on Grand Jury Report

September 30, 2016 This afternoon, the Baltimore Sun published a story written by journalist Kevin Rector in which he detailed a report of the response of the Baltimore City Grand Jury following their experience in the “shoot, don’t shoot” simulator at the Baltimore Police training facility.  We congratulate the Grand Jury for their courage to participate in this experience and then to...

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Membership Meeting Update – September, 2016

September, 2016 MEMBERSHIP MEETING 2016 Election Results are as follows: President: Ryan 862 Gearhart 625 1st VP: Butler 864 Histon 577 2d VP: Blair 927 Glazerman 483 3d VP: Starr 1,052 Cohen 353 Treasurer: Nolan 888 Sargent 537 Commission of Trustees: Ditty Baldwin, Dominic Mastromatteo & Jeff Boettcher Unopposed: Lisa Riha - Secretary Ed Gorwell - Guard Don Helms - Chaplain Stan Mezewski -...

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2016 Lodge Election Results

The results of the 2016 Lodge election are as follows: President - Gene Ryan 1st VP - Kenneth Butler 2nd VP - Paul M. Blair Jr. 3rd VP - Ron Starr Secretary - Lisa Riha Treasurer - John K. Nolan Trustees - Ditty Baldwin, Dominic Mastromatteo, Jeff Boettcher Guard - Edward Gorwell State Trustee - Stan Mezewski Chaplain - Don Helms Congratulations to all!

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Lodge Wins in Court on Promotions

Big Win for the FOP - Det. Greg Ostrander’s Arbitration re: PROMOTIONS Today, Det. Greg Ostrander and the FOP received Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Cynthia Jones’ decision regarding the Department’s appeal of the Arbitrator’s decision and award. Judge Jones DENIED the Department’s Appeal and ruled in favor of Det. Ostrander and the FOP. This, in effect, means that the...

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Wreaths for Fallen Heroes

The Police Emerald Society of Baltimore and the Metropolitan Baltimore Fire Emerald Society are proud to host the Wreaths for Fallen Heroes Ceremony at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens on Sunday, December 10th, 2016 at 9:00 AM. This joint effort to place Christmas Wreaths at each Fallen Hero’s gravesite will honor the Firefighters & Police Officers who gave their lives in the line of duty...

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Retrial of Off. Jimmy Halcomb’s Killer

Brothers and Sisters, BPD Officer Jimmy Halcomb was shot and killed by John Earl Williams on April 16, 1976 at Lombard and Carey.  The event is reviewed in detail on the Baltimore Police History website at: He has been in jail ever since.  He is requesting that his case be re-tried due to a...

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DOJ Focus Groups

To all Active Police Officers, Sergeants and Lieutenants, As the Baltimore Police Department and City of Baltimore begin negotiations with the United States over the consent decree that will eventually be filed in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, the FOP has been invited to share our concerns and provide input to the process.  The FOP wants to hear from our members...

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Maryland State FOP Conference

On 15-16-17 August 2016, Baltimore City FOP Lodge 3 hosted the 26th Biennial Maryland State FOP Conference. The conference, held at the Hyatt Regency downtown, was the first time Lodge 3 hosted a state conference since 2000. We want to thank all our delegates who attended and worked on the business for the Maryland State Lodge. Re-elected to another two-year term was Maryland State FOP President...

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Witness Statements and Use of Force Reports

All members are reminded to include the following statement in any written/verbal/videoed report that they are ordered to provide to their supervisors or command as it relates to use of force or any other incident that may result in discipline down the road: "I am being ordered to provide this statement and, as a result,  I am not waiving any of my rights as outlined in the Law Enforcement...

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