President Ryan responds to BWC footage release

November 30, 2016

In the early stages of the original discussion regarding the implementation of a Body Worn Camera program for the Baltimore Police Department, I represented our union as a member of
the Mayors advisory task force. I stated, at that time, that the use of these cameras would prove to be an asset to our profession and the footage released today clearly supports our position.

Obviously, none of us wishes to engage in a situation as was recorded by this camera; however,
these circumstances are a reality of the job that we perform daily. These highly qualified
Officers performed in accordance with their training and within the boundaries of the law. On
any given day, Police Officers are forced to make split second, life or death decisions and this footage makes that very clear.

We support Officers Jones and Brown and commend them on their actions as they did what was
necessary to protect the lives of many others, as well as their own.

Lt. Gene Ryan

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