Press Statement re: Sun Article on Grand Jury Report

September 30, 2016

This afternoon, the Baltimore Sun published a story written by journalist Kevin Rector in which he detailed a report of the response of the Baltimore City Grand Jury following their experience in the “shoot, don’t shoot” simulator at the Baltimore Police training facility.  We congratulate the Grand Jury for their courage to participate in this experience and then to share their honest responses.  As stated in the article, The grand jurors noted the difficult challenges officers face on a daily basis. ‘Police officers are often faced with situations that require split-second decision making, and as we are all aware, any decision could cost a life, erupt civil unrest, damage careers and/or impel jail time,’ the jury wrote.”

On numerous occasions we have suggested that the work of a professional law enforcement officer is extremely difficult and only those who have experienced some of what we deal with, on a daily basis, will be able to properly understand how quickly we must react and what effect that response has on each situation and the officers involved. Obviously, the members of the Grand Jury have now come to understand what we have consistently stated in response to the many who have criticized our work, and we are extremely grateful for their support and encouragement.  We also agree with the Jurors when they suggest that our elected officials would be well served to take the opportunity to share this simulated experience.