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From Saul Ewing Pension Suite Update:

Attached is our combined response in opposition to the City’s motion for summary judgment and reply to the City’s opposition to our summary judgment motion, which we filed with the Court July 31, 2017. The City’s reply to the attached brief is due by August 31, 2017. The Judge has scheduled oral argument on the briefs for October 30, 2017.

Death Benefits

In the event of the death of a member, immediately notify the Personnel Service Board Office at 410-396-2546 or 410-369- 2550. This office handles every benefit the beneficiary, spouse or family is entitled to. In most cases a member of the department will stop out to your house (if within a reasonable distance). They will assist in completing all the necessary paperwork for pensions, life insurance, credit union, health insurance, etc. This home visit will be after the funeral and when the beneficiary is emotionally up to it. If the beneficiary is living out of state the documentation will be handled by mail. A benefit form will be left with the beneficiary (or spouse or family of the deceased) indicating all of the benefits they will be receiving.


Signal 13 Foundation


SBW serves as legal and labor counsel/advisers to law enforcement organizations throughout Maryland. Our representation includes:

  • Police disciplinary matters
  • Bargaining unit formation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Pension
  • Civil defense of Law Enforcement Officers

SBW Law managing partner Herbert Weiner leads the labor team. Since 1985, he has negotiated police labor agreements in Maryland with contracts for unions ranging in size from 35 members to 3,000 members. Former union president and chief of police Gary McLhinney joined SBW Law in 2006 as a non-attorney lead negotiator for several of our clients. Mr. McLhinney brings over 20 years of police labor experience to SBW Law and assists clients in everything from grievances through final negotiated contracts. Attorneys Michael Marshall, Steven Sunday, Michael Davey and Jonathon Scruggs provide years of experience representing police and correction officers in disciplinary, pension and discrimination issues.

If you are an active member and need legal advice please contact SBW Law.